NHSX delivery

Delivery to date

£300 million saved with Microsoft deal

NHSX has saved the NHS £300 million by striking a deal with Microsoft and NHS Digital to provide Microsoft 365 across the health service.

Care homes connected with iPads and broadband deals

We have given 11,000 iPads to care homes in England and, working with NHS Digital, negotiated discounted broadband deals to support residents to access care remotely and stay in contact with loved ones.

Rapid and secure data sharing

NHSX has enabled data to be shared across the health and care system rapidly and securely. By activating legislation fast (COPI notices) and issuing simplified information governance guidance, we gave healthcare organisations and local authorities the confidence to share the data needed to respond to COVID-19.

We also enabled groundbreaking research such as the openSAFELY collaborative which has helped identify risk factors for death and the recovery trial which identified a low cost steroid that is helping ventilated patients recover faster.

COVID-19 Data Store

NHSX has played a key role in setting up the NHS COVID-19 Data Store. This continues to support better understanding of the virus and the pressures it is placing on the system. The data store is also supporting the roll out of new analytical tools that support local teams to make best use of their resources.

99% of GP practices able to do video consultations

99% of GP practices are now able to conduct video consultations, from under 10% in February 2020, so more patients can see their doctor online than ever before.

Innovative AI investment

NHSX’s NHS AI Lab is supporting the testing, evaluation and scale of promising AI-driven technologies through the £140 million AI in Health and Care Award. This includes automating early lung cancer detection and developing deep learning software that could improve the NHS Breast Screening Programme.

The AI Lab also set up the National COVID-19 Chest Imaging Database to support better understanding of the disease and develop technology which will enable the best care for patients hospitalised with a severe infection.

Digital Aspirant programme

23 NHS trusts were named as the first sites for the Digital Aspirant programme in February 2020. These trusts benefitted from from £28 million of funding in 2019 to 2020 to support their digital transformation journey. The Digital Aspirant programme aims to accelerate the procurement, deployment and uptake of the technology that is needed to underpin digital transformation. It aims to raise the bar across the NHS by making sure organisations have a core set of digital capabilities in place that improve the quality, safety and productivity of care.

Digital Technology Assessment Criteria

The Digital Technology Assessment Criteria will help give staff, patients and citizens confidence that the digital health tools they use meet our clinical safety, data protection and cyber security standards.

Remote monitoring of health conditions

More new patients’ conditions will be managed in their own home and monitored remotely by their doctor with connected technology. Already, thousands of people with COVID-19 are having their condition monitored remotely with pulse oximeters in NHSX pilot programmes in over 70 sites in England.