A word from our CEO

Matthew Gould

A word from our CEO, Matthew Gould

Since the launch of NHSX in 2019, we have laid the foundations of a new approach to digital transformation in the NHS and social care. We have set out a path to improve the commercial support we give the front line; to improve confidence and capability among our staff; to accelerate the adoption of productivity-enhancing technologies into the system; and right now we are leading the charge on the digital response to COVID-19. At the time of writing, we have stood up a world-class team of digital and data technologists, and are building services and products which will help the country deal with the crisis.

NHSX is growing rapidly. We have doubled our original size within one year. And we are building a culture where people can speak openly, challenge each other in a friendly but constructive way, and advance new ideas. A culture where success isn't based on managing a process but on producing a tangible improvement, and where you will be empowered to make those changes. And a culture where we publish our work openly, and work with partners outside with good ideas and a willingness to do good.

I hope you will explore our career opportunities and apply for one of our new roles. I look forward to meeting you.