The National AI in Health and Adult Social Care Strategy

Supporting the equitable deployment of safe and effective AI-driven technologies at scale.

The NHS AI Lab is developing a national strategy for the development, implementation, scaling and monitoring of AI-driven technologies in the UK’s health and adult social care system.

Across our health and care services, AI-driven technologies are increasingly being tested and used to help improve people's experience and support the workforce to provide care.

The ambition is that in a future where safe AI is deployed in an ethical and effective way:

  • people will use AI driven tests on their smartphones to monitor their long-term condition from home and send the results directly to their GP
  • clinicians will be assisted by AI diagnostic tools to identify diseases and the patients most at risk of developing specific conditions
  • public health officials will use AI to identify patterns across a local area - alerting them to a potential public health emergency
  • AI-driven management systems will give hospital managers a real-time view of waiting times and bed capacity, enabling them to move patients more efficiently through the system
  • local authorities will use predictive AI tools to understand the current and future care needs in their area

Our aims for the strategy

The NHS AI Lab’s mission is to support this future by enabling the development and adoption of safe, ethical and effective AI-driven technologies. It will create an ecosystem that supports AI-driven technologies from inception to implementation, streamlining regulation, routes to market and supporting the health and care workforce to understand the benefits of AI and develop the skills to use it.

However, achieving equitable deployment of safe AI-driven technologies at scale will only be realised if we continue to capitalise on this initial system transformation, which is why we are developing a national strategy. The strategy will dovetail off wider UK AI initiatives, including the Office for Artificial Intelligence’s National AI Strategy, and the UK AI Council’s roadmap which identify health and care as a sector of growth for AI in the UK.

How to get involved

The NHS AI Lab believes in working openly and collaboratively with a wide range of people to deliver a strategy that meets the needs of those developing, using and receiving care with the assistance of AI-driven technologies. Our aim is to put the health and care workforce on the front foot in a rapidly changing AI landscape.

We are seeking to create a dialogue with a wide audience to develop a first draft of the strategy. To get involved:

  • follow the development of the strategy on this page - we will be sharing learnings and progress of the work
  • join the NHS AI Virtual Hub on Future NHS. - the hub is a collaborative space, open to all, which we will use to seek input, ideas and feedback into the strategy
  • contact us directly with ideas and feedback on the strategy at

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