Our national AI strategy approach

The NHS AI Lab is working on an ambitious National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Health and Social Care.

As part of this work we have been undertaking research to ensure the upcoming Strategy reflects the lessons learned from past digital transformation programmes and the experiences of health and care professionals, innovators, and members of the public.

The background research for the Strategy will consist of three phases:

1. Understanding the AI and digital health landscape

Read more about how we are using desk-based research to understand and build on what is currently happening within the digital health landscape as well as learn from previous programmes. We are also looking at international best practice in AI in health and care.

2. Stakeholder and public feedback

Hear what we've learned from discussions with the people who will use and/or be impacted by AI technologies. We are carrying out interviews with the key people and organisations who affect (and are affected by) an AI strategy. We are also running a public opinion survey as well as listening to focus groups with patients and the public.

3. Future thinking

Borrowing a design methodology, we are exploring the possible, plausible and probable futures for AI in health and social care.

These three phases will feed into a first draft of the Strategy in autumn 2021. All the work to devise the National Strategy for AI in Health and Social Care will be carried out in a way to maximise engagement and transparency by working in the open and sharing our emerging thinking and learnings.