NHS AI Virtual Hub

Building a community of practice

The NHS AI Lab has established a new AI Virtual Hub on the Future NHS Platform to provide a community space for collaboration and shared expertise. By working together with the AI community, we hope to accelerate the development of the most valuable innovations and expedite solutions to common problems; as well as growing our mutual understanding of best practice.

The NHS AI lab itself will use this space to test their thinking and invite contributions to two key projects initially:

  1. The AI in Imaging Programme, including access to the National COVID-19 Chest Imaging Database (NCCID) Github; and
  2. The AI in Health and Care Award programme run by Accelerated Access Collaborative and the National Institute for Health Research.

You can register your interest by signing up here.

NHSX is looking for conveners and community champions to lead a number of initiatives on the platform, including discovery workstreams for the Imaging Programme in use case prioritisation, the development of product and service pipelines in a trusted research environment and deployment in patient pathways.

The platform will increasingly be led by community members of the AI Virtual Hub in a number of activities, including ‘Show ‘n’ Tell’ sessions. Winners of the AI in Health and Care Award will kick this off by telling their story and sharing their journeys to date, providing top tips on use case definition, implementation and evaluation.

Also envisaged are areas where members can ‘Post a Problem’, share case studies and best practice, and ask the NHSX team on any issues that matter to them on the safe and ethical deployment of AI.

For further information you can contact the AI Virtual Hub Managers Hannah Minkley on Hannah.Minkley@nhsx.nhs.uk or Josh Carvell, on Josh.Carvell@nhsx.nhs.uk