How to use the NHS App to demonstrate your NHS COVID Pass when travelling abroad

This video shows you how to show your COVID-19 status using the NHS COVID Pass on the NHS App when planning to travel abroad from England.

Before you travel abroad from England, we recommend that you read advice on


NHS COVID Pass for travel abroad from England.

If you haven't already you will need to download the NHS App to your smartphone.  

This is not to be confused with the NHS COVID-19 App.

It's best to do this at least a week before you travel.

Please check the name on your passport matches the one that you use for the NHS COVID Pass at least two weeks before you travel.

If the names are different, you are advised to contact your GP practice to have your details updated.

You will need a mobile phone number and your date of birth to set up an NHS login to see your vaccination or test results.

To open the NHS App, when you have downloaded it, press the app icon which takes you to the home screen. Press 'Continue with the NHS login' button.

You will need to enter your email address, then press 'Continue.'

You will be prompted for your password. Enter this and press 'Continue.'

Once you have set up your login with your ID, at this stage you will arrive at a security  code page. You will be sent a text with a six digit code. Enter this and press 'Continue.'

OK, you are now ready to click on the 'Get your NHS COVID Pass.'

Click continue then the screen gives you a choice of Domestic or Travel.

You will need to click on the 'Travel' link.The app will then search for your COVID-19  records. Click 'Show details' to view.

It will show a 2D barcode and give the expiry date for your international COVID Pass.

If you have received two vaccines, there will be two barcodes. A full course single dose vaccine will only show one barcode.

Please have this information ready to be scanned on your phone as you approach your travel operator's check-in area or border control at your destination.

This will show proof of your vaccination status or natural immunity to a member of the staff.

You can also generate a PDF copy of your pass and print this out.

Note the 2D barcode refreshes each time you log in. If you generate a PDF copy of your pass, the barcode will expire 30 days from date of issue. To get a new barcode just log back in.

If you don't have access to a computer or smartphone, and have been fully vaccinated, you can call 119 for a copy of the NHS COVID Pass letter.

The letter can take up to five working days to reach you so ensure you order it in good time before you travel.

Before you travel abroad from England we recommend that you read advice on

If you have any further questions visit or call 119 and select 'NHS COVID Pass service.'