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NHS COVID Pass privacy notice for 5 to 11 year-olds: NHS COVID Pass travel letter

Children with sticking plasters on their arm, showing their vaccination certificate and celebrating after vaccination against COVID-19

NHS COVID Pass travel letter

This page is to help you understand what happens to the information the Department of Health and Social Care collects about you when your parent/guardian or carer requests an NHS COVID Pass letter for you.

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What is an NHS COVID Pass travel letter?

An NHS COVID Pass letter shows that you have received your COVID-19 vaccinations, or that you have recently had the virus.

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What is it for?

You might need to show this letter if you are travelling to another country.

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Who looks after my information for the NHS COVID Pass service?

The Department for Health and Social Care looks after information about you for the NHS COVID Pass service.

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What information do we put in your NHS COVID Pass letter?

  • your full name
  • details about your vaccinations, such as when you had them and what they are called
  • a recovery letter showing prior infection within 180 days.
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How do we keep your information safe?

We follow rules on who can see and use your information. This is called Data Protection Law.

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How long do we keep your information?

We delete your information after 30 days.

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Your rights

You or your parent/guardian or carer can ask us:

  • how we use your information
  • for a copy of the information we have about you
  • to correct any of the information we have about you that is wrong
  • to delete information¬†
  • not to share your information in some situations

If you or your parent/guardian or carer wish to correct, delete or amend any information which relates to the NHS Covid Pass, you should contact your GP Practice who shall look to update their systems.


If you or your parent/guardian or carer are unhappy or wish to complain about how your information is being used by us,

you can write to or email the Data Protection Officer for DHSC or write to: 

Data Protection Officer

Department of Health & Social Care

1st Floor North

39 Victoria Street

London SW1H 0EU

Read our full privacy notice for adults.