Coronavirus status checker

The Coronavirus status checker collects information about COVID-19 symptoms to help the NHS coordinate its response and build additional data on the COVID-19 outbreak.  

The Coronavirus status Checker supports demand prediction and provides insight to improve logistics around the service.  People with potential coronavirus symptoms complete the online form, answering a series of questions which tells the NHS about their experience.  Status Checker users are clearly told at the beginning and the end of the survey that it’s not a triage or clinical advice tool and they should visit 111 online for medical advice about their symptoms. 

The Coronavirus status Checker is a unique partnership between us (NHSX), NHS England and NHS Improvement, NHS Digital and Public Health England at the request of the Health and Social Care Secretary.

Information collected by the NHS Coronavirus Status Checker will form part of a core national COVID-19 dataset held by NHS England and NHS Improvement.