Cardiac rehabilitation programme for people who have heart problems

Cardiac rehabilitation is recognised as one of the most effective interventions to help individuals with coronary heart disease achieve a full and active life.


Conventional cardiac rehabilitation (CR) programmes are traditionally based on time-constrained, structured, group-based programs, usually set in hospitals or leisure centres. Uptake for CR remains poor, despite evidence demonstrating its benefits. Additional alternative forms of CR are needed.


Help people who have had a recent cardiac event, or have an existing cardiac problem, to manage their condition more effectively.

Solution and impact

Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust has implemented the Care4Today Heart Health cardiac prevention and rehabilitation programme.

The programme helps patients get back on their feet and feeling themselves again by providing practical and emotional support not only for them, but their family and friends, too. It also helps patients by creating a personalised plan, including guidance about how best to keep active and make changes to lifestyle so they can recover fully and help protect their heart from further problems.


  • Increased uptake and reduced costs, helping a new group of patients to benefit from cardiac rehabilitation
  • Helps patients get back on their feet and feeling themselves again.
  • 93% of patients said they were satisfied or very satisfied with their experience of the programme
  • Empowers patients to be responsible for their own health and wellbeing

Results show referral to cardiac rehabilitation was 27 days with Care4Today, compared with the national average of 55 days, and more patients were on the programme (82% vs 53% before the programme, and 43% national average) and a longer patient participation period (38 more days than the national average).


Care4Today offers a tailored programme of exercise and activity, including a learning and education section to empower patients to understand their risk factors.


Care4Today is a cardiac prevention and rehabilitation programme that aims to help improve the health and wellbeing of people with heart problems.


Web-based cardiac rehabilitation (CR) programme designed to support individuals after a cardiac event.

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Care4Today Heart Health cardiac prevention and rehabilitation programme

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Key contact

Dr Piers Clifford, consultant cardiologist, clinical lead for cardiology, Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust