Online cardiac rehabilitation to support self-management

Cardiac rehabilitation is recognised as one of the most effective interventions to help individuals with coronary heart disease achieve a full and active life.


Conventional cardiac rehabilitation (CR) programmes are traditionally based on time-constrained, structured, group-based programmes, usually set in hospitals or leisure centres. Uptake for CR remains poor, despite evidence demonstrating its benefits. Currently the average number of eligible patients taking up the offer of CR in England, Northern Ireland and Wales is 50%, of whom 77% will go on to complete a programme (National Audit of Cardiac Rehabilitation, 2019). Additional, alternative forms of CR are needed.


Help people who have had a recent cardiac event, or have an existing cardiac problem, to manage their condition more effectively.

Solution and impact

Leicester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has developed its own digital cardiac rehabilitation service, ‘Activate Your Heart'.

The programme offers a package of secondary prevention advice aimed at reducing the risk of a further cardiac event and improving an individual's wellbeing by promoting a healthy lifestyle. The programme has personalised interactive features that include an individualised exercise programme, stress management and smoking cessation support (if appropriate).

There is direct access to a healthcare professional through the 'ask the expert' facility and an interactive forum moderated by experts in cardiac rehabilitation.


‘Activate Your Heart’ offers a tailored programme of exercise and activity, with a learning and education section to empower patients by understanding their risk factors and providing them with the ability to pose questions to healthcare professionals.


An online, interactive cardiac rehabilitation programme.


Web-based cardiac rehabilitation programme that has been designed to support individuals with coronary heart disease (CHD).

Key figures/quotes

“The great advantage of the Activate Your Heart programme was that I could get on with my working life as normal.”
Phil, 53, patient

Find out more

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Key contact

Leslie Shortt, PA to Professor Sally Singh PhD, head of pulmonary/cardiac rehabilitation and consultant clinical scientist