I want to use digital technology to develop teledermatology services for advice and guidance and referral triage

Digital solutions to help all systems to safely manage patient demand and enable digital conversation between clinicians in primary and secondary care.

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Teledermatology Roadmap

NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE/I) Teledermatology Roadmap 2020/21 provides an overview of the key steps, principles and resources for the optimisation of digital teledermatology services. The roadmap is available in the dermatology section of the Elective Care Community of Practice website. You can view the roadmap by joining the community (account required)

Advice and guidance toolkit for the NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS)

NHS e-RS is a digital asynchronous advice and guidance (A&G) platform, used across a range of medical and surgical specialties. The NHS e-RS A&G toolkit includes advice on image attachments and links to national case studies and outcome data. A&G provides two-way asynchronous digital conversations between clinicians in primary and secondary care. A&G allows secure storage of digital conversations around individual patients, and any related imagery. Files are stored in e-RS and can be rapidly re-accessed by clinicians under ‘Patient Enquiry’ for 6 months, and under ‘Advice and Guidance Enquiry’ for 18 months. They can also be transferred to the electronic patient record.

NHS England and Improvement website Elective Care Transformation Programme Advice and Guidance Resources

Dermatology is identified by NHS England and Improvement (NHSE/I) modelling and analysis as a key specialty where A&G is likely to have significant benefit in the future delivery of services.

A&G services are a key part of the National Elective Care Recovery and Transformation Programme’s work, ensuring that patients needing non-urgent care can be effectively managed, away from acute care settings. The NHSE/I website hosts key cross-specialty resources, and links to the National Elective Care Transformation Programme’s Community of Practice website. This in turn contains support tools that enable local health systems to implement A&G services, including dermatology A&G, and allow virtual care where appropriate.

British Association of Dermatologists website teledermatology and clinical services unit

The British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) maintains an overview of how digital dermatology platforms and teledermatology pathways are being used nationally at the frontline of healthcare delivery, including NHS and commercial platforms. The Clinical Services Unit can provide impartial advice, support and guidance for clinicians, commissioners and organisations in the development and optimisation of digital services to improve the delivery of patient care. The BAD works with the NHSE/I Elective Care and Outpatient Transformation programmes, NHSX and NHS Digital to continually develop teledermatology platforms and functionality, provide appropriate training for service delivery, and collect clinically meaningful outcome measures to guide commissioning.