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Maximising clinical resource with digital remote monitoring

Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust significantly increased the number of vulnerable patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) being digitally monitored at home. This maximised local clinical resources and kept patients out of hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic.


With concerns around clinical caseloads increasing beyond acute bed capacity during the pandemic, guidance from NHS England advocated using remote monitoring technology to provide care for patients with COPD.

The technology was used to:

  • detect early signs of deterioration
  • avoid emergency admissions
  • allow virtual assessments and reviews to optimise COPD medications


Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust wanted to keep additional vulnerable patients out of hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic by using digital technology to provide early detection of deterioration.

The trust wanted to be able to monitor patient vital signs, continuing to maintain care at home.

Digital technology was also used to protect the clinicians themselves by reducing the need for face-to-face contact.

Solution and impact

The Trust enlisted the help of Spirit Digital to provide remote monitoring technology using the CliniTouch Vie platform.

The digital solution was tailored and deployed quickly. Spirit Digital made the technology available to a significantly wider group of patients to help the NHS with its COVID-19 response.

Results included:

  • 35.1% reduction in comparable face-to-face home visits
  • projected savings of £80,000 over a 6 month period
  • 88% of patients reported that CliniTouch Vie had helped them to better self-manage


CliniTouch Vie is a web-based platform using risk scoring to provide a real time clinician dashboard.

Patients can:

  • log into the platform and answer clinically-approved question sets that are tailored to their condition
  • take a range of vital signs, such as blood pressure and oxygen saturation

Clinical teams can:

  • video call or message patients within the platform

The platform:

  • uses algorithms to analyse the data and produces a red, amber, green rating to generate a prioritised list of actions for clinicians to review
  • contains a range of condition-specific, approved education in the form of text, pictures and videos
  • can be configured to any disease area or pathway


The digital solution:

  • can date and time stamp every interaction
  • provides secure messaging and video conferencing
  • offers patient education tailored to each condition in digital, audio and video formats
  • provides longitudinal health trend data
  • provides Bluetooth connectivity to peripherals
  • generates a prioritised clinician dashboard


CliniTouch Vie is designed to be used at home by patients or within a care home by carers, with clinical teams reviewing the data remotely.

Key learning points

  • Deployment of digital remote monitoring enables a step-up of clinical capacity.
  • Having the answers to the approved questions alongside remotely-monitored vital signs increases the effectiveness of telephone and video consultations.
  • The use of digital helped to reduce the need for face-to-face contact. This kept both patients and staff safe.
  • Remote monitoring maintained the quality of care for patients in at-risk groups, including COPD and heart failure and reduced admissions.
  • Acceptability of patients and clinicians to utilise the technology was very good.

Key quotes

“Maximising resources while providing the best possible levels of clinical care for our vulnerable patients was vital during the pandemic.

Digital technology to enhance care is the key to remotely connecting clinical staff with the most at-risk patients and delivering care to them whilst they are in the safety of their own homes.

We are delighted to have partnered with Spirit Digital once again to provide this service.”

Professor Sudip Ghosh, deputy medical director, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust

Find out more

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Key contact

Alex Woodward, Operational and Transformational Lead, Community Health Services, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust


Bruce Adams, Sales Director, Spirit Health