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Remote monitoring of respiratory patients through a digital telehealth platform

NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) began increasing its telehealth efforts in 2013 as part of its More Independent (MI) programme. The service uses a combination of education and remote monitoring tools to support people living at home with lung conditions, heart failure or diabetes.


A third of people in Liverpool live with one or more long-term conditions, with over half the adults obese or overweight. The city serves as an ideal base to trial new technologies to help people maintain their health and fitness at home, rather than in the healthcare system.


Roll out a telehealth system which aims to monitor and support people to maintain their own physical health in an attempt to enhance patient care and reduce high demand on the local care economy.

Solution and impact

Evaluation of the MI programme showed that it can reduce both emergency admissions and the demand on other health services, as well as making patients feel more confident and in control of their own health. As part of its plan for service expansion, Liverpool CCG awarded Docobo to scale up its DOC@HOME platform for digital monitoring. The service uses a combination of education and remote monitoring tools to support people living at home with lung conditions.

By using DOC@HOME, the partners in Liverpool are delivering these results:

  • 76% of patients feel more in control, have gained confidence and/or feel better able to cope with their condition: this model of operating supports self-care
  • 34% of patients report an improvement in lifestyle and 41% feel that their health has improved since engaging with the telehealth service
  • Emergency hospital admissions and secondary care costs in comparison with a control group have reduced by 25.3% for patients with above-average risk (37% or more)
  • Nursing staff ratios for the patient cohort have reduced from one nurse to 35 patients, to one nurse to over 300 patients. As patient numbers continue to grow, just seven nurses will monitor 2,000 patients with long-term conditions


Web-based clinicians’ portal which provides access to the analysis and graphic displays of their patients' readings.

Information is transmitted to DOC@HOME via a choice of patient interaction devices and methods such as:

  • DOCOBO-APP which can be downloaded onto an Android tablet, Docobo TV or smartphone, including the patient's own device
  • DOCOBO-WEB which offers access via a web browser


  • Remotely monitor patients’ temperature, weight, blood oxygen levels and blood pressure
  • Patients can upload readings on an app or on a desktop, or by using Docobo’s CAREPORTAL
  • Clinicians can review patients’ readings remotely


The product is designed to be used at home by patients for clinicians to review remotely.

Key figures/quotes

“We are very satisfied with the results of this activity, which has delivered fantastic outcomes for patients and their families across Liverpool. We are now looking to scale this approach and move it into other areas of service. It offers a way of working which allows us to increase NHS capacity to support and care for people.”
John Webb, senior programme manager of NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group

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Key contact

John Webb, senior programme manager at NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group