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Respiratory pathway

A step by step guide to the respiratory pathway

  1. Referral management and advice and guidance

    Creating ways for patients to receive virtual advice easily. Consultations can be triaged and queries and prescriptions can be managed remotely.

  2. Primary care

    Early access to diagnostics and advice for primary care: support for staff with quick advice using advanced communication tools and image sharing.

  3. Diagnostics

    Remote reporting on diagnostics (including AI-enhanced diagnostics): shared care records and diagnostic networks that support sharing of patient information.

  4. Outpatients

    Streamlined digital pathways, including booking appointments and messaging of clinical teams through portals and remote platforms.

  5. Surgery/inpatient

    Inpatient stay, including virtual tests and pre-operative assessments, supplemented by patient reported outcome measures.

  6. Community services and rehabilitation

    Ongoing monitoring, including platforms that support monitoring long term conditions and vital signs at home and the use of digital rehabilitation.

  7. Discharge and self-care

    Supported self-monitoring, including health and wellbeing overseen by the patient with support from digital tools and easy access to advice when necessary.

  8. Patient-initiated follow-up (PIFU) after discharge

    Digital ways to support patients booked for a PIFU appointment using agreed criteria

  9. End of life

    End of life care, including tools to support advance care planning, symptom management and effective psychological support for patients, carers and families

    Digital service to manage high-risk chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients