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Using remote technology to monitor patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

The Worcestershire Royal Hospital, located near the Welsh border, currently treats around 1,300 COPD patients.


The pandemic means vulnerable patients with COPD have to isolate more stringently to avoid any risks to their health. This has restricted face-to-face hospital appointments with COPD patients and the monitoring of their health.


Enable countywide COPD teams to manage their community patients remotely using digital solutions, helping to keep patients isolating safely at home while still receiving care and clinical oversight.

Solution and impact

The Worcestershire Royal Hospital deployed the Luscii app, allowing patients to monitor and manage their own wellbeing. Education guidance and insights are available through the app to inform patients and promote self-management of their conditions. Luscii facilitates early intervention and prevention.

Patients also have the option to directly communicate with their clinicians about their condition through app-based video consultations.

The app has helped reduce face-to-face contact between clinicians and patients, allowing for continuity of care during the pandemic. Additionally, it enhances patient care through continuous clinical support and educational guidance.


Luscii is a patient-facing app that allows patients to self-monitor their health and communicate with healthcare providers. It wirelessly connects to portable patient monitoring devices that automatically upload patient readings to the app.


Through the app patients can:

  • monitor and record their own health
  • request a call when required using the ‘call me back’ function
  • receive educational guidance on their condition


Luscii is designed to be used at home by patients to allow remote monitoring.

Find out more

Find out more on the Luscii website

Key contact

Anna Alderslade, lead practitioner for respiratory at Worcestershire Royal Hospital

anna.alderslade@nhs.net or wah-tr.COPDTeam@nhs.net