Health Foundation - Advancing Applied Analytics

The Health Foundation’s Advancing Applied Analytics programme aims to improve analytical capability in support of health and care services. In each round of the programme, £750,000 of funding is available to support up to 12 project teams across the UK over 15 months. 

The programme looks to support analysts who are working on local innovative and ambitious projects that can demonstrate how they will improve analytical capability in support of health and care services and provide lessons for the wider care system.

For the first time, this fourth round of the Advancing Applied Analytics programme is being supported by NHSX. NHSX is leading the largest digital health and social care transformation programme in the world and aims to drive digital, analytical and tech maturity in local NHS organisations in order to improve care. The Health Foundation will continue to lead and manage each project with the same approach as all previous rounds.

By supporting the Advancing Applied Analytics programme NHSX is focusing on these aims and on innovation in the NHS. NHSX has contributed to the selection process by providing assessors to take part, alongside many other external stakeholders from across the UK and colleagues that act as peer reviewers.  Members of the Analytics Unit are providing support to a number of the successful projects to facilitate sustained improvement and spread of innovation across health and social care. For example: