Resources for analysts in health and care

Code, tools and best practices from our team at NHSX

Support programmes

The Analytics Unit currently has two active initiatives:


There is a growing support community inside the NHS (FutureNHS Collaboration Platform and NHS-R) and in wider government (through programmes like the Data Science Accelerator and channels like the Cross-Government Data Science Slack), and academic collaboration (NIHR Academic Research Collaborations for example).

Learning through open working 

Open sharing of technical skills and domain knowledge through sites like Cross Validated and StackOverFlow, and sharing code and methodology through platforms like GitHub, will build high quality analytics throughout the system, and is bolstered further by releasing or publishing code under an appropriate open source license such as MIT or GPLv3, with suitable open datasets or tailored synthetic data where possible.


The Association of Professional Healthcare Analysts (AphA), provides suitable training opportunities, online resources.  

Training (often free) can also be found on these websites:

Dashboards and public datasets

On this website you can see dashboards and publicly available datasets relevant to NHSX's programmes of work.

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