Technology enabled change champions (TECh)

This NHSX initiative will provide frontline clinical staff with an opportunity to gain hands-on experience using digital technology to improve a local service, process or clinical pathway. The aim is 'learning by doing' with support from NHSX and local organisations.

'TECh’ stands for technology enabled change champions. It seeks to bridge the gap between quality improvement and digital transformation in health and social care.

You will get hands-on experience of how to introduce a digital project where you work, over a period of 12 months. It is for staff in the NHS who are passionate about healthcare improvement and who want to understand more about the potential of using technology.

Participants will be linked to a chief clinical information officer (CCIO) or chief nursing information officer (CNIO) in their local organisation. They will have the opportunity to be involved in the delivery of an NHSX project, learning about how the same project is led at a local and national level.

Please find further details, including how to apply, below. You can contact with any questions.

The aim of TECh

TECh will provide frontline clinical NHS staff with the opportunity to become involved in improving a local service or process using digital technology. The programme will provide junior doctors, nurses, midwives and allied health professionals with a greater understanding of using technology to enable change.

Who is TECh for?

The course is suitable for:

  • nurses, midwifery and allied health professionals at band 5 and above
  • junior doctors
  • clinical staff with an interest in but not necessarily knowledge of digital health technologies
  • staff working in an organisation which is currently undertaking an NHSX project, such as remote monitoring or digital maternity and child health

You will need to demonstrate your commitment to learning, and be able to complete the course within your organisation over the duration of one year.

Who is it not for?

The programme is not suitable for:

  • people with extensive experience in using technology to change a service
  • people who want experience in independently changing a service
  • non NHS staff
  • sites that do not currently have a CCIO and CNIO in post
Why technology-enabled change?

The Wachter review in 2016 recognised the need for training frontline staff in understanding technology and how to make it work in the NHS.

We recognise the importance of working with the frontline to lead on these changes. This provides an exciting opportunity to be part of this forward thinking landscape.

The course structure

This is a national programme for 28 participants.

The NHS is divided into 7 regions across England. There will be 4 TECh champions representing each region on the programme. The programme aims to be the start of a multidisciplinary approach to change.

Each participant will be introduced to their local CCIO or CNIO. They will be able to observe the delivery of an NHSX project. The participant will not have direct responsibility for the delivery of the project but they can support the CCIO or CNIO in delivery.

The participants will also attend monthly evening seminars hosted by leaders from NHSX and experts in quality improvement and digital transformation. Participants will form a national community where they will communicate and learn from each other.

The programme will run as a pilot from January 2022 until December 2022.

Time requirements

In total, there will be 2 and a half days of study leave required for the year programme. This will consist of one full day introductory session, 1 half day networking session and 1 full day session at the end of the year for formal project presentations.

It is recommended that the participants work with the CNIO or CCIO for a minimum of half a day a fortnight.

There will be additional monthly evening seminars, of around 2 hours in length. These will be hosted by leaders from NHSX and experts in quality improvement.

Applicants should discuss with their line manager their study leave requirements prior to applying.

Application process
  • Applications open on Monday 13 September 2021
  • Applications close on Friday 22 October 2021

Please apply using the application form. The application will be assessed on written submission alone.

To ensure an inclusive, multidisciplinary group, we aim for equal distribution of participants between junior doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and midwives.

The application process will be blind to prevent bias and to promote equality, diversity and inclusion.

For more information please contact

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