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NHSX Innovation Lab

Solving today’s healthcare challenges using tomorrow’s technology.

The NHSX Innovation Lab uses innovative thinking and user-centred design processes to help solve day to day challenges by testing ideas with health and care organisations.

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Our projects

The Innovation Lab roadmap of projects are driven by real-user challenges across the health and care system. Our roadmap is aligned to the five NHSX priorities, as they look to:

  • reduce the burden on staff
  • help access clinical information
  • improve health and care productivity
  • provide tools to access services directly
  • improve safety across health and care systems

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Latest work

How can we reduce the amount of typing required when patients arrive in a care setting? Admit Me tested whether contactless data transfer from the NHS App to patient admissions systems can reduce the need for typing data, to improve speed, data accuracy and patient experience.

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Challenges we're looking at

  • Home blood pressure monitoring

    Challenges of reporting measurements digitally.

  • Visibility of GP processes

    How do we give patients better visibility of what's happening inside primary care.

  • Novel approach to cancer pathways

    Processes for rapid integration of national systems into a cancer pathway.

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Get involved

The Innovation Lab wants to hear from you! If you work in the health and social care system and have an idea on how technology could make a real difference in the workplace or face a challenge that needs some innovative thinking, we'd love to hear about it.

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