NHSX is now part of the NHS Transformation Directorate

Moving our content to its new home will take time. All information on this site remains valid and will continue to be maintained until further notice.

About us

The NHSX Innovation Lab was established in 2020 to rapidly trial innovative ideas in real-world health and social care settings. We’re particularly interested in technologies which have the potential for widespread impact within a 2 to 5 year timeframe.

Wherever possible, we co-design solutions with patients, clinicians and other stakeholders to test whether a particular technology will be fit for purpose in addressing a challenge. We evaluate the benefits it could bring and identify potential barriers to adoption. This helps inform national programme priorities and product roadmaps.

Our own project roadmap is driven by user needs and real-world problems, and is shaped by engagement with staff from across the health and social care sectors. We invite colleagues from across the NHS and social care to help us identify areas where we can help by telling us about the challenges they face.

One of our core principles is working in the open. The challenges we are working on are published on our website, and our proof-of-concept code is available on Github.

If you would like to share your challenges with us, we’d love to hear from you. We invite colleagues to share your challenges.

You can also contact us at innovation-lab@nhsx.nhs.uk.

Meet the team

Adesola (Grace) Ereyemi - Business Analyst

Hi everyone, I am Grace. I work with a range of stakeholders in various roles and environments to define requirements. In 2018, I joined NHS England as a Business Analyst with the Local Insight and Interoperability / Local Health and Care Records team and moved to NHSX to work with the Innovation Lab in September 2020. I am passionate about innovation, improving services and creating positive outcomes. Outside of work, I enjoy cooking, walking, and listening to inspirational music.

Ben Pedley - Business Support Officer

Hi, I’m Ben. I joined NHSX as a Business Admin Assistant Apprentice in February 2021. I manage the diary and inbox of the Head of the Innovation Lab and also assist the team with creating documents and forms as well as setting up meetings to name a few. I have previously worked as a Site Supervisor in construction and made a big change in career. Outside of work I enjoy watching football and cricket and going on long walks.

Bushra Khatoon - Senior Technical Business Analyst

Hello, I'm Bushra. I research and connect with stakeholders and projects to seek out technical options that can help our team to build a successful proof of concept. I also support our team by sharing insights from experience of working in data and information standards in the NHS. Outside of work I enjoy practising my modern calligraphy skills.

Dan Whinney - Senior User Researcher

Hi I’m Dan. I conduct research with the people who are likely to interact with the services we work on, so we can make sure the services meet their needs. This includes clinical colleagues as well as members of the public. I have worked in the arts, education, heritage and government. Outside of work I enjoy bird watching and learning about nature.

Emma Harvey - Head of Innovation Lab

Hi, I’m Emma. I joined NHSX in August 2020 to start the Innovation Lab, and my role involves shaping the way we operate and the nature of work we do. I remove barriers to enable the team to work at pace while delivering safe, compliant proofs of concept into care settings, and aim to provide evidence that allows us to inform the future roadmaps of national products and seed digital transformation across the health and care ecosystem. I am developing a wide network of innovators across health and care and if we’ve not met yet - get in touch by emailing innovation-lab@nhsx.nhs.uk. Outside of work I enjoy photography, making music, dance and weight training.

Greg Kirk - Senior UX Designer

Hi I'm Greg, I design user-centred interfaces and experiences so our services are easy to use and accessible. Previously, I spent 10 years at a design agency before moving into logistics and B2B software. Outside of work I enjoy cooking, keeping active and travelling.

Nick Crossland - Product Lead

Hi, I’m Nick. My job as Product Lead is to explore and define the problems we are solving and develop the vision that guides what we produce. I work with internal and external stakeholders to make sure that business, technical, governance and user experience needs are all aligned and understood. I have worked in the digital industry for over 20 years and have worked on a huge variety of roles in ambitious and innovative projects of all kinds. Outside of work I enjoy travel, culture, technology and walking.

Rob Walters - Principal Engineer

Hi, I’m Rob. My job is to help design and build the software needed in our projects. I enjoy learning about new technologies and how they can be used to improve people's lives. Outside of work, I’m always doing some type of sport, from climbing, to tennis, or even snowboarding!

Stephen Kajekere - Senior Delivery Manager

Hi, I’m Stephen K. I’m here to help embed agile ways of working within the NHSX Innovation Lab. I aim to increase collaboration between stakeholders and teams, creating an environment where everyone feels fully engaged and takes ownership in what we deliver to our end-users. In my personal life, I enjoy playing basketball (I also coach young people), football, and going to the gym. I’m also a big fan of camping and hiking.

How to get in touch

If you have an idea or would like to share a challenge visit our Get Involved page for more information.

Alternatively email innovation-lab@nhsx.nhs.uk with any questions you may have.