Our work


Raising challenges


Status: in progress
While there are innovation teams at local, ICS and national level, most frontline staff don't have time to communicate challenges and the problems they face on a day to day basis. How can we create a way for busy health and care workers to get their voices heard, and ensure the right problems are addressed by the teams best placed to answer them?

Submitted by: South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw Integrated Care System Innovation Hub

Capturing non-prescription medicines

Illustration of OTC medicines

Status: in progress
Can we digitally capture patients’ non-prescription medicines, and provide these to clinicians, so they have a better view of patients’ overall health?

Black Box Buster


Status: up next
At the moment the GP surgery can be a ‘black box’, with people unaware of how busy the surgery is, and unclear on the status of their e-consults, prescriptions, pathology results etc. As such, people call in, increasing the workload of busy staff. How might we better manage patient expectations and understanding of when they will hear back, without adding burden to staff?

Submitted by: Emma Davis, GP and Clinical Lead for CHIE and WCR – Hampshire and IOW


Admit Me

Illustration of Admit Me in action

Status: completed April 2021
How can we reduce the amount of typing required when patients arrive in a care setting? Admit Me tested whether contactless data transfer from the NHS App to patient admissions systems can reduce the need for manually typing data, to improve speed, data accuracy and patient experience.

Read the Admit Me Case Study