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Who we are

NHSX brings teams from the Department of Health and Social Care, NHS England and NHS Improvement together into one unit to drive digital transformation and lead policy, implementation and change.

We are a diverse team with a range of skills and expertise, including clinicians, technologists, policy experts, developers, data scientists and project managers.

We report directly to the Secretary of State and the Chief Executive of NHS England and NHS Improvement. We are funded through existing budgets.

Leadership team

The leadership team of NHSX are: Matthew Gould (CEO), Simon Eccles, Tara Donnelly, Hadley Beeman, Kathy Hall, Iain O'Neil and Tim Donohoe.

Teams joining NHSX

Programme teams that have joined NHSX from NHS England and the Department of Health and Social Care include:

  • artificial intelligence
  • cyber security
  • data transformation and policy
  • digital and technology strategy and oversight
  • digital urgent and emergency care, including NHS 111 online
  • digitising pharmacy
  • digitising providers - including global digital exemplars, our most digitally advanced trusts
  • elective care - including e-referrals
  • empowering the person - our citizen-facing digital portfolio, including the NHS App
  • integrating care locally
  • local health and care records
  • primary care digital transformation - including GP systems, data and digital services
  • social care
  • technical architecture

Find out more about the work of many of these teams on the NHS England digital transformation website.

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