Summer internship programme

Each year, NHSX takes a cohort of summer interns to gain work experience and insight into working in the NHS. Each paid summer internship lasts for approximately 10 weeks. They commence at the start of the summer and are focused on completing discrete projects in teams across NHSX.

The roles are different each year and fulfil a real business need for the organisation. As such, they offer a unique opportunity to provide real contributions to ongoing work which directly impacts frontline NHS staff and patients. It is also an opportunity for the interns to provide insights into their experiences with health services and influence the direction of policy and practices in the NHS.

If you want to learn more about the experiences of our interns in NHSX and why they chose NHSX, please see the profiles below. They were provided by our 2021 summer interns.

Applications for the 2022 summer internship programme will open in April 2022.

Stories from our 2021 summer interns

Rayhan, Programme delivery support intern

Rayhan, summer intern 2021

My favourite part of the internship has been connecting with new people and listening in to any of the meetings. Also, having my produced work being recognised and used is very satisfying and rewarding for me.

Kit, Digital safety intern

Kit, summer intern 2021

I applied for this role as I had some experience working with digital health technologies, and really enjoyed realising the potential of tech to improve health. I felt this role would allow me to build on this knowledge while also giving me an insight into strategy and policy. This role had the best of both worlds, allowing me to gain experience in an area I am interested in and had no experience of, while having some links to digital health, which I had previously been involved in.

Angela, Digital safety intern

Angela, summer intern 2021

I applied to join NHSX because it’s a very exciting organisation at the intersection of clinical, technology and digital. At NHSX, I worked with the Department of Health and Social Care, NHS England and NHS Improvement, and NHS Digital. The opportunities, scope and team spirit at NHSX are incredible, and I would highly recommend applying for a summer internship position here.

Su, Anti racism and inclusion programme intern

Su, summer intern 2021

I am a big fan of social impact, and it has been great working with people who really want to make a positive difference for their employees. I recently wrote a proposal on how to attract diverse candidates to NHSX, and I have been given opportunities to take initiative and plan changes.

Luke, Data policy intern

Luke, summer intern 2021

The support throughout my internship has been remarkable. I had a catch up with my manager every morning where I would discuss the day before and my tasks for the day ahead. This was a perfect opportunity to flag any challenges I was facing, and I was made to feel very comfortable doing so. My wider team were also very supportive and approachable making me feel at ease when arranging meetings to discuss their roles or the projects I was working on.

Meg, Human resources and organisational development intern

Meg, summer intern 2021

It was an exciting time for the HR and OD team over the summer as they geared up for the early careers recruitment window between August and November. I was interested in my particular intern role because of this, I wanted to be a part of live projects and work to real deadlines.

Shelley, Digital assurance intern

Shelley, summer intern 2021

The digital assurance intern position combined planning and organisation skills with communication skills. As these are both areas I am interested in, it was the role I was drawn to. I was curious to see how they worked together in digital services work.