EU Gateway

The EU Gateway provides for the verification of the security features contained in the 2D barcodes for COVID-19 status certification, helping to facilitate international travel across countries that have joined the EU gateway.

From week commencing 26 October, the UK will link with the EU Gateway. This arrangement will enable mutual verification of COVID-19 certificates (i.e. scan the 2D barcode) to facilitate inbound and outbound travel in line with respective entry requirements.

If you have downloaded or printed a PDF of your NHS COVID Pass before the week of 26 October, you will need to print or download a new PDF that week if you intend to use this when travelling to the EU.

If you have stored your NHS COVID Pass in the Apple Wallet using your Apple iPhone, then you will need to store an updated version week commencing 18 October.

PDF copies downloaded before the week of 18 October are not able to be digitally verified by your travel operator when travelling abroad.

Further information for customers in Scotland

List of countries in the EU Gateway