Use of a teledermatology platform to reduce dermatology referrals to secondary care

In Ipswich and East Suffolk, patients often waited several weeks or months to be seen and had to travel long distances to a hospital for appointments.


Local GPs identified the potential of using teledermatology to improve services and reduce waiting time for diagnosis and treatment of skin lesions.

Solution and impact

Vantage’s Rego teledermatology system was installed in 38 GP practices in East Suffolk and is launched from SystmOne or Emis. Accompanying images can be taken by the patient or in the practice and can be uploaded onto the system via a secure smartphone App.

The local hospital consultants review the cases usually within 1-2 working days and send their response back to the GP. Patients with suspected skin cancer are immediately referred onto the 2 week wait pathway. This has helped reduce patient anxiety, waiting times and travel costs.


Vantage’s Rego system is launched from existing patient record systems and enables GPs to share clinical information securely with specialists to ensure they have access to the best possible guidance in the treatment of their patients.


Rego captures a patient’s demographics and medical history from their clinical record and automatically enters the details into a form.


Utilising technology to pull together patient data and records, enabling clinicians to make better informed referral decisions in relation to skin lesions.

Key figures/quotes

  • 47% of patients did not require a hospital appointment
  • 12% of patients found to have suspected skin cancer were fast-tracked

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Key contact

Caroline Wells, Transformation Project Manager