The AI Lab Skunkworks

Finding new and innovative AI-driven solutions to solve real life problems in health and social care

The Skunkworks team of data scientists, engineers and project leaders works on finding new and innovative ways to use artificial intelligence (AI) to solve existing issues being experienced in the NHS.

One of 6 major programmes for the NHS AI Lab, the Skunkworks programme aims to find new ways to use AI for driving forward the early adoption of technology to support health, in both clinical and business contexts. In order to do this, the team is engaging with the wider health and care community to find new ideas for problems to tackle. 

The most promising emerging ideas are being turned into short-term projects that take an original approach to applying AI, often rethinking how an issue may be approached. The Skunkworks programme will focus on piloting these early ideas into proofs of concept that have the potential to be further developed, pulling in additional expertise as the projects grow. 

It is hoped that by using a rapid innovation system like the skunkworks to quickly identify issues and pilot AI solutions, we will both improve the use of AI and also the understanding of its value in health and care settings.

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