The National Strategy for AI in Health and Social Care

Supporting the equitable deployment of safe and effective AI-driven technologies at scale.

The NHS AI Lab is developing a national strategy for the development, implementation, scaling and monitoring of AI-driven technologies in the UK’s health and social care system.

Developing an AI strategy for health and care

Our national AI strategy ambitions

Across our health and care services, AI-driven technologies are increasingly being tested and used to help improve people's experience and support the workforce to provide care. Our ambition is a future where safe AI is deployed in an ethical and effective way to benefit the public and healthcare professionals.

Our national AI strategy approach

The NHS AI Lab is developing a National Strategy for AI in Health and Social Care. The background research for the Strategy will consist of three phases: research to understand and build on what is currently happening within the digital health landscape; discussions with the people who will use and/or be impacted by AI technologies; and future thinking to explore the possible futures for AI.

Help us get this right

The NHS AI Lab has published its draft strategy on the AI Lab Virtual Hub so that health and care leaders can give their feedback. Find out why we are creating a strategy and what this means for healthcare in the future by joining in the conversation.

AI TV: Hear our plans for developing a national strategy

Indra Joshi, Director of AI, and Leanne Summers, Head of AI Strategy, discuss the research taking place for an AI strategy

How to get involved

The NHS AI Lab believes in working openly and collaboratively with a wide range of people to deliver a strategy that meets the needs of those developing, using and receiving care with the assistance of AI-driven technologies. Our aim is to put the health and care workforce on the front foot in a rapidly changing AI landscape.

We are seeking to create a dialogue with a wide audience to develop a first draft of the strategy. To get involved:

  • follow the development of the strategy on this page - we will be sharing learnings and progress of the work
  • join the NHS AI Virtual Hub on Future NHS - the hub is a collaborative space, open to all, which we will use to seek input, ideas and feedback into the strategy
  • contact us directly with ideas and feedback on the strategy at

The people advising the strategy

Throughout the development of this strategy we are guided by a working group of organisations and stakeholders who are involved in the development and deployment of AI in health and adult social care, as well as those who will be using AI or receive care through the use of these technologies. The group provides advice and recommendations on our work to ensure the outcomes of the strategy meets the needs of those working in health and adult social care, patients and the public.

Working group members

Dr Hatim Abdulhussein - General Practice Registrar and Clinical Lead to Digital, AI and Robotics in Education Programme, Health Education England.

Emma Bradley - Deputy Head of Strategy, NHSX.

Ari Ercole - Consultant in intensive care medicine and deputy chief clinical informatics officer, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Sigal Hachlili - Director of AI, Data and Digital Innovation at Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust, Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, and The Artificial Intelligence Centre for Value Based Healthcare.

Sharon Houlden - Executive Director of Adult Social Care and Health, Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames.

Sukhmeet Panesar - Deputy Director, Strategy and Development, Data and Analytics, Office for Chief Data and Analytics Officer.

Linn Phipps - NHSX Patient and Public Voice Partner.

Nick Swanson - Deputy Head (Strategy, Adoption, Regulation), Office for Artificial Intelligence.

Jane Townson - CEO, United Kingdom Homecare Association (UKHCA).

Richard Turnbull - Strategy Lead (Workforce Planning and Intelligence Directorate), Health Education England.


AI Strategy resources

A list of the documents, reports and videos that have helped to inform the development of our draft National Strategy for AI in Health and Care.