Dermatology pathway

A step by step guide to the dermatology pathway

  1. Self-management and primary care

    A range of patient-facing tools to help patients to monitor their skin conditions and symptoms, and share images with a clinician

  2. Capture clinical images using a smartphone

    Digital solutions to enable healthcare professionals to use a smartphone to capture patient images securely, improving rapid communication between clinical teams and streamlining patient care

  3. Advice and guidance between primary and secondary care

    Digital communication between two clinicians to enable a clinician to seek rapid advice from another, by sharing clinical data and images

  4. Referral - using digital images to help triage patients to the correct service

    Support for primary care professionals referring into secondary care and enabling feedback on referrals

  5. Virtual consultation with video / phone or face-to-face

    Digital tools to facilitate virtual consultations between clinicians and patients